More Musings

Infrared Pond

I made this photo a while ago but forgot all about it. This was made in a nearby park, Green spring Gardens...   Read more 

Tomato Blossoms

This year I bought a tomato plane (Better Bush Tomato). It produced 2 tomatoes...   Read more 

Bald Red Cardinal

Red Cardinals (Cardinalis cardinalis) are relatively large, long-tailed songbirds with a short, thick bill and a prominent crest...   Read more 

Holiday Sale 2018

To celebrate the reason all downloads are 45% off. No coupon needed, you will see the savings in the shopping cart.   Read more 

The First Snow

The first snow this season. Exactly like the weather forecast predicted.   Read more 

New Print: Curled Leaf

A new print in my print store.   Read more