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Naturally grown sunflower field.   Read more 

Balancing Act

One more photo from my last trip to Germany: Darmstadt (Mathildenhöhe). The “Hochzeitsturm” (wedding tower), to the right, was planned and finalized in 1908 by Joseph Maria Olbrich (1867 – 1908). The tower was named Hochzeitsturm to honor the second marriage of Ernst Ludwig, Grand Duke of Hesse, and Princess Eleonore zu Solms-Hohensolms-Lich. Right next …    Read more 

Into the Light

I just came back from a trip to Germany. Among other sightseeing trips, we visited Bad Soden-Salmünster. This town offers a wellness bath, which is very nice and worth a visit, a graduation tower (occasionally referred to as a thorn house), and many other things making it worth your while.   Read more 

Reflecting Pool and Lincoln Monument

This photo was taken from the WW2 Monument, facing the Lincoln Monument. Although it was quite busy that day, like most days, it seems rather calm and quiet.   Read more 

Family Life

A duck family was resting next to the pond at the Constitution Gardens.   Read more 

Constitution Gardens in Washington DC

A photo from the visit to the Constitution Gardens. It is a beautiful park close to the Washington Monument and the WW2 Monument. Worth a visit, rather tranquil with a pond, ducks, geese and curious squirrels. More about this park can be found at the National Park Service site.   Read more 

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