Musings about photography – color / monochrome, photographic focus on something specific or the lack thereof, and whatever strikes my fancy.

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Green: subtle details and textures of plants in spring

Green: Subtle Details and Textures of Plants in Spring

Technically it is still spring, although on some days it feels like summer already. One of the most wonderful things during the spring time is that everything is so ...

The often overseen Helios 44-3 58mm f2 lens

Once you start looking into vintage lenses with an M42 mount, it is hard to miss the Helios 44 lenses. In my experience, the one most mentioned is the 44-2. I ...
The often overseen helios 44-3 58mm f2 lens
Easter morning walk

Easter Morning Walk

Easter Sunday was a lovely spring day. It was warm and sunny, at least for most of the day. Later in the afternoon, clouds moved in. I used the dog walk to scout ...

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