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Walk in the Constitution Gardens with Ducks

A short while ago, I had some errands to run in Washington DC. I like to stop at the Lincoln Memorial and walk through the Constitution Gardens. Right in DC, near the Potomac, this garden is a nice, tranquil place to walk and relax. It is the home of many squirrels, waterfowl (watch out for …    Read more 

Pearl Crescent (Phyciodes tharos) Butterfly

The pearl crescent is a North American butterfly. You can find it everywhere in the US, except for California, Mexico, and southern Canada. It likes open areas. I found this little guy feeding on a Daisy Fleabane (Erigeron Strigosus) at a nearby park with a pond. The pond is the home of different dragonfly species, …    Read more 

Two 17-Year Cicadas – Brood X 2021

More and more cicadas are emerging. At first, we had only a few around our house, but now they are everywhere. I can see them flying around the trees, and now and then, one or more end up on my patio. They rest for a while and then take off again. For some reason, I …    Read more 

Brood X 2021 | 17-Year Cicadas

Finally, they are here, the Brood X Magicicada 17-year cicadas. What makes these cicadas so fascinating is their long lifespan, most of it underground. There are two groups, 13 and 17-year cicadas. Brood X was first reported in Philadelphia in 1715. They are a 17-year brood. I think this is fantastic. Every 17 years, we …    Read more 

A Rainy Day

A rainy day providing lovely photo opportunities.   Read more 

Tomato Blossom

Tomato Blossom close-up with the Olloclip Macro 7x lens.   Read more 

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Going Places

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