June 2021 | Color

Brood X 2021 | 17-Year Cicadas

iPhone 8 Plus | 6.6mm (57mm) | 1/60sec | f/2.8 | ISO 32

Finally, they are here, the Brood X Magicicada 17-year periodical cicadas. What makes these cicadas so fascinating is their long lifespan, most of it underground. There are two groups, 13 and 17-year cicadas. Brood X was first reported in Philadelphia in 1715. They are a 17-year brood.

I think this is fantastic. Every 17 years, we have the pleasure of experiencing millions, no – billions of these critters. They are entirely harmless, and their only mission is to find a mate and procreate once they emerge from the ground. I need to bring my Fujifilm camera to get better photos with my telephoto zoom.

Find More Information About 17-Year Cicadas from Brood X

If you are as fond of these insects as I am, you can follow their emergence via the Cicada Safari smartphone mapping app, and upload your images. Cicada Safari has a plethora of information about these fascinating insects.

Another interesting site that provides a lot of information about all kinds of cicadas is Cicada Mania. You can even buy some cool Cicada merch.

Photo Processing

A short while ago, I bought a Lightroom preset from Totally Rad: Replichrome Slide. I have to say the presets are quite nice. Not exactly cheap, though. For this image, I chose the Agfa RSXII 50 preset. I always liked the Agfa slide film. It was my favorite brand when I used slide film back in the day.