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iPhone 6s | 4.15mm (29mm) | 1/220 sec | f/2.2 | ISO 25

Mail Drop

August 03, 2017 | Featured Photo

During a walk last week I noticed this mail drop at the site of a church. I walked by this place so many times, but this little gem escaped me until now. Just in case you wonder, the church is that red. It does stand out among the other more traditional colored buildings next to it.

I shot the mail drop with my iPhone 6s in RAW mode. The heavy-handed noise reduction, when used in any non-raw format, is not something I’m a huge fan of.

Recently I upgraded my Alien Skin Exposure license to Exposure X2 during a sale event and gave it a try in post-processing. Since I always loved Agfa slide film, I decided to use the Agfa RSX II 100 preset as a starting point and modified it: reduced the vibrancy by a tiny bit and a hint of vignetting.

I also own the Nik Collection (since the days you had to pay for it) but never really enjoyed using the color filters. However, I do like Silver FX a lot. Unfortunately, Google decided to drop support, and it will probably only be a matter of time for it to stop working, at least for us Mac users. I read somewhere that it will not work on High Sierra. Thankfully there are other tools which I started to explore. They will likely have to replace Silver FX.

Meta-data for the photo on top:
CAMERA: iPhone 6s
LENS: 4.15mm (29mm)
EXPOSURE: 1/220 sec
ISO: 25

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