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iPhone 8 Plus | 6.6mm (57mm) | 1/60sec | f/2.8 | ISO 32

Brood X 2021 | 17-Year Cicadas

June 03, 2021 | Featured Photo

Finally, they are here, the Brood X Magicicada 17-year cicadas. What makes these cicadas so fascinating is their long lifespan, most of it underground. There are two groups, 13 and 17-year cicadas. Brood X was first reported in Philadelphia in 1715. They are a 17-year brood.

I think this is fantastic. Every 17 years, we have the pleasure to experience millions, no billions of these critters. They are completely harmless, and their only mission, once they emerged from the ground, is to find a mate and procreate. I need to bring my Fujifilm camera to get some better photos with my telephoto zoom.

Find More Information About 17-Year Cicadas from Brood X

If you are as fond of these insects as I am, you can follow their emergence via the Cicada Safari smartphone mapping app, and upload your own images. Cicada Safari has a plethora of information about these fascinating insects.

Amother interesting site that provides a lot of information about all kinds of cicadas is Cicada Mania. You can even buy some cool cicada merch. My favorite is this mug:

Photo Processing

A short while ago I bought a Lightroom preset from Totally Rad: Replichrome Slide. I have to say the presets are quite nice. Not exactly cheap though. For this image, I chose the Agfa RSXII 50 preset. I always liked the Agfa slide film. It was my favorite brand when I used slide film back in the day.

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